Topsail Ethos

Maritime Heritage

Topsail Events is a marine event management company whose roots and ethos were formed by the need to preserve historic vessels, and their replicas, as well as the skills required to navigate them. Although the company also works with modern vessels its origins lie within the sailing barge community of the Thames Estuary where it was first established in 1987. Since then Topsail Events has provided what many of these wonderful craft need most: regular work which has generated millions of pounds worth of income towards the upkeep of British as well as our common European Maritime Heritage.

Festivals and Sail Training

Through charter around the UK and at major maritime events – organising commercial activity in conjunction with the International Festival of the Sea and the Tall Ships Races organiser’s Sail Training International – Topsail Events has been able to provide much needed charter fees as well as profile for this important aspect of our cultural history. It shares the aims of these organisations in the present day purpose of promoting international ties as well as the benefits that sailing experiences and training bring to all involved – particularly the young.

Green Issues on the Water….

In terms of effect to the environment, even when they are not sailing, historic ships with their modest fuel consumption and low cruising speeds have a relatively minor impact when used as passenger vessels. All the vessels we use have garbage and sewage management plans regulated by their relevant national shipping inspectorates and are well aware of their obligation to carry out their activities in an environmentally friendly manner.

….and in the Office

Topsail will wherever possible and practical recycle all consumable material such as paper, plastics, glass and metals in conjunction with the recycling systems offered by the local authority and the landlord from whom the office is leased. Items such as redundant electronic equipment and ink cartridges will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way through an approved supplier of such services. Energy consumption will be minimised through the monitoring of office temperature and use of appliances such as energy saving kettles.

Work Related Travel

Wherever possible Topsail staff are encouraged to use forms of transport that minimise carbon consumption. This includes making best use of public transport by paying for railcard incentives for train travel and where motor vehicles are used that all staff share one vehicle where practical.