Speedboats and Transfer Craft

  1. Sun ClipperThames Clippers

    Thames Clippers are super-fast, ultra-modern, smart vessels ideal for shorter cruises and transfers in style. Hurricane was built in 2002 and seats up to 220 guests. With its eye-catching Damien Hirst designed polka-dot livery it is used mainly for the Tate to Tate tourist transfers and for taking commuters to work. Aurora, Typhoon, Tornado, Meteor, Monsoon and Cyclone followed in 2007. They seat 220 guests and are complete with a bar and plasma screens.

  2. Storm Clipper

    Sun & Moon Clippers both seat a maximum of 138 guests; 114 indoors and 24 additional seats on the outside rear deck. Sky, Storm and Star Clippers were built in 1990-1991 and seat up to 62 guests. Due to the nature of these vessels, passengers aboard Sky, Storm and Star only must be seated with seat-belts on at all times so are only suitable for transfers.