Topsail Announces Latest Christmas Cruise deals…..

September 16th, 2010 by Guy

It’s been a whirl of activity: our busiest month for ages doing corporate work on the Thames . In the middle of it all we came up with some new deals for our Christmas Cruises and had a regular inspection from the Port of London Health who you will be pleased to know passed us with our usual Four Star rating!

“Our feet have hardly touched the ground” gasped Jessica Rodway a leading light in the Topsail Sales team, this month has been so busy with clients ranging from Diageo to Citigroup and Linklaters .  The latter were particularly flattering:

“It was indeed a joint effort – great thanks to the Partner’s sponsorship and idea, our Events Team and to Topsail for a perfect execution.” Yes, when Tower Bridge was opening up, I thought to myself , ‘Gosh, this makes us feel like Kings…………”

And one of Diageo’s clients sent us this Video of Tower Bridge Opening

Where was our MD when all this was going on?  His weekend of ‘barge maintenance’ on Sailing Barge Will was not quite what it seemed and he was spotted enjoying a rather good 1940’s swimwear and lingerie fashion show in St Katharine’s Dock during the Thames Festival along with fellow skippers……………… hmmmmm.

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