To Wii, or not to Wii?

July 29th, 2009 by Guy

Following on from the first blog (and we would still welcome any comments people may have on that one) we have been discussing unusual event ideas again and you may be surprised but we have the feeling that a Wii event would work well on a boat!

Having a Wii event onboard is a recession friendly way of entertaining guests. We already know that people sometimes want more than a Thames cruise and this would be a perfect addition for something to do before or after dinner when the wine has kicked in and people are feeling more competitive than usual.

Boxing on the Wii

Bowling on the Wii

It makes a simple team building option as well as also something to keep kids amused  (on a wedding reception cruise for example) not to mention the obvious – being a good indoor activity if the weather turns bad. So, basically it is a really versatile and fun activity that doesn’t require much space or time setting up – we like those kind of activities!

I have only played Wii Sports and Super Mario Kart but both of these would be really fun in my opinion (especially if anyone is like my Mum when playing the bowling one, and ends up almost running into the TV screen! – it’s not real!!)

Hey we could even go the whole hog and theme the boat according to the game being played, for example turning the boat into a golf course, or bowling alley – or a crazy Mario land? Then guests could also dress up accordingly!

If anyone has any other comments, or suggestions for Wii games that would work well on a boat then please let us know.

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