Competition: Crazy Event ideas? We want yours!

July 2nd, 2009 by Guy

One fairly common discussion here in the Topsail office revolves around comments like “What about a Ready Steady Cook cruise?” – “Yeah! Topchef Charters!”. Or perhaps “How do you think a Britain’s Got Talent cruise would go do?”. Indeed we aren’t ones to shy away from trying new ideas out for our events, at least here in the relative safety of our office.

Some events work, some don’t

The truth is that some of them stick and become successful regular events for us that capture the imagination of our clients. Over the years ideas have come and gone. We are still running some of the most successful ones though, our Clay Pigeon Shooting cruises, Cooking Party cruises, and Beer tasting cruises are testament to this. Others like our Strictly Come dancing cruises were really popular but only while the TV show was on – they captured the zeitgeist and had their 15 minutes of fame as it were. Others are newer, we have only just launched our Sushi making cruise as a spin off to our other food-related events but it seems to be getting some interest which bodes well for the future. Others have not done so well and we have scrapped them – now I thought an oyster shucking event would be a winner! That’s obviously what too many oysters did to my brain! Shame. And as for our dear ex-colleague Liz’s ideas. Wacky just wasn’t the word. Has she never heard the old maxim about children and animals? Let alone bringing boats into that particular equation…

Golf on a boat anyone?

One event we had to reluctantly let go of a few years ago was a golf driving cruise event. Following on from our clay shooting cruises we thought this was a great combination of two already popular corporate style events: river cruises and golf. We had sourced the golf balls from the USA (they turn into fish food after three days!), we had cleared the event in priciple with the Environment Agency, we’d worked out how to build a tee-off platform on one of our Thames Sailing Barges and we seemingly had lots of interest when we mentioned it to people. It just turned out that the costs and logisitics involved seemed a bit prohibitive in the end. Maybe it’s worth trying to ressurect that one though? Perhaps around the British Open Golf at St Andrews in July 2010?

And you can do lots of other stuff on boats too. We have put cars on boats, been asked to put full sized tennis courts on ships for PR events, we’ve had french circus acrobats doing amazing displays in the rigging of tall masts; pop stars and fashion magazines have used our vessels for photo shoots. I wonder what’s next???

Actually we are interested in events full stop and would like to hear about any interesting and different, weird and wonderful events you might have held or attended. Let us know…

A competition

And so here I invite your ideas on this. I’m sure there is a world of great ideas for events on the water out there. And when we are on board with clients people do get inspired – just the other day a client thought it would be a brilliant idea to put some theatre on a boat. It’s certainly possible but I’d like to hear more ideas. Make them wacky, crazy, innovative, imaginative, and interesting. As long as they are these things – and legal (!) – then we might just consider turning one of them into a proper event. We thought we might as well make this a mini-competition to stir up the imagination. As a prize there is a bottle of finest champage for the best idea and if we turn your idea into a regular event then we will give you 10% of the revenue from the first one we sell – I can’t say fairer than that!

And finally, OK this isnt strictly events as such, but it’s a great example of some people being creative about boats and should get your creative juices flowing (like spaghetti sauce). It wasn’t us but check out this clever promotional branding on some boats in Germany – I like their style!! Big credit due to Pasta Mondo.

So what do you think? Who’s got the best ideas? Post them as comments on here and win a prize and possibly lots of kudos! We look forward to hearing them…

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