Aussie daredevil jumps Tower Bridge

July 22nd, 2009 by Guy

Speaking as someone who pretty regularly is lucky enough to cruise through Tower Bridge on a Topsail Thames Sailing Barge or sometimes a Tall Ship, I am pretty used to seeing Tower Bridge open up from the very best position: right below it. So this picture represents a fairly standard sight for lucky Topsail employees and our clients who have an event with us – apart from one small detail: that Australian and his bike – pretty amazing stuff. Look closely at this picture and you can see him…right there, where things usually are not.

Almost like the view from a Topsail Boat...except one small detail

Almost like the view from a Topsail Boat...except one small detail

This was Robbie Madison last week, world record holder for the longest motorbike jump, he was 30 metres up at this point (about the height of one of our Thames Sailing Barges’ masts) and flying over a 7.6 metre gap.

There’s more here from The Daily Telegraph in Oz if you are interested. And do excuse them calling it ‘London Bridge’ – they know not what they do.

If you’d like to see Tower Bridge open from up close, but more safely and with a glass of champagne in hand then start here. In the meantime well done to Tower Bridge for being so magnificent and not too stuffy to get involved, and to Robbie and Australia in general.

Just don’t mention the cricket…

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