What we did at Hartlepool Tall Ships 2010

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  1. Ships by the Quayside‘England’s largest free event in 2010’

    Hartlepool Tall Ships 2010 was the place to be in the North East this summer. For four days, the quays and waters of the famous port provided superb opportunities for corporate entertaining. Topsail Events provided bespoke events for local busineses, event sponsors and the public including exclusive corporate ship parties, shared ships, day sails for the public, on-deck BBQS, sailing experiences, viewing the fireworks from deck and much more. More here…

    Hartlepool 2010 Hospitality PDF

  2. Dar Mlodziezy at the quaysideSome ideas: Evening Canape Party

    These are just ideas to get you thinking about hospitality. We are happy to discuss any of your own ideas too.

    ~ ideal for entertaining guests when you need to mingle.

    ~ A great way of using the whole ship and making the most of the festival sights and sounds all around.

  3. S-Lehmkul-&-Sorlandet-quaysFamily Lunch Event

    Why not entertain your staff with their families too? A popular choice at these family orientated festivals and a most enjoyable day for everyone. Only £85 per person! Download Day Sail PDF

    ~ family friendly areas

    ~ Menus and entertainment to suit

    ~ A haven from the crowds

  4. alexander von humboldt at sunsetStaff Event, Sailing or Quayside

    Take to the waters with the sails up or stay in port, whichever you choose, we’ll open the bar and serve you some great food to start your event of the year!

    ~ Ships of all sizes available

    ~ Canapes, buffet, BBQ and more

    ~ Plenty of entertainment options available