Food & Drink Cruises

From the simple pleasure of really good cuisine on the water to team activities and tasting entertainments

  1. new-website-food-drink-cruises-caldesiItalian Cookery Cruise

    We have joined up with Marylebone’s renowned Tuscan cookery school, La Cucina Caldesi, to bring an exciting new event to London: cookery parties onboard our historic ships. The day ends with a delicious meal your guests have helped to produce.

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  2. new-website-food-and-drink-cruises-cocktailsCocktail Making Cruise

    Our exciting Cocktail Making Cruise, in conjunction with Squeeze Bar and Cocktail Academy is a fun and interactive way to entertain guests on the river. The cocktail making works well as a feature for a party, company incentive or a networking evening.

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  3. sushi-japanese-foodsSushi Making Cruise

    New for 2009. Topsail have teamed up with fashionable London sushi restaurant Tsuru to offer a sushi making cruise on the Thames. Make different kinds of sushi with experts, learn about it, eat it, work in teams, taste Japanese sake and have lots of fun while cruising on fine river vessels through London.

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  4. new-website-food-and-wine-cruises-wine-tastingWine Tasting Cruise

    A constant favourite on the river, tasting four different varieties of wines with The Wine and Food Academy – past masters at making wine interesting and fun! Your guide will lead you through the basics, set tasks and competitions and top your glass up with a little extra of some of his favourites! Also check out our new addition – an English Wine Tasting Cruise

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  5. new-website-food-and-drink-cruises-beerBeer Tasting Cruise

    Everyone does wine tastings so why not taste the other great british tipple: beer! With the Beer Academy in charge of proceedings you will work your way through world brews, learning as you sup. Devised to be an entertaining and informative event in it’s own right, this is seriously good fun on the Thames.

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  6. The English Cream tea cruiseEnglish Cream Tea Cruise

    In celebration of all things English, our delightful English Cream tea cruise is short and very sweet. Usually just a couple of hours or so is perfect for enjoying a welcome glass of chilled chapagne or Pimms then hot english teas, classic sandwiches, cakes and scones with cream and jam.

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